What is Casino Your Way?

  • Casino Your Way is an opportunity for you to learn games like Blackjack, Roulette and Craps right on the casino floor at a private table with your friends. Click here to review the Casino Your Way terms of use.

Where is Parq Casino Vancouver?

How do I know where to go once I’ve arrived at the casino?

  • Blackjack and Baccarat are location on the 2nd floor.  Poker and Roulette are located on the 3rd floor. If you get lost, feel free to ask the casino staff when you arrive.  There will also be Casino Your Way signage pointing you directly to your table, where a private dealer will be waiting for your group.

Is a deposit required to reserve a table?

  • Nope! No deposit required.

Do I have to wager real money?

  • Nope! Casino Your Way is a learn to play experience. That being said, if you’re up to putting your new found knowledge to the test,  we’ll be happy to show you to a live table.

I know the basics of how to play but I would like to learn a little more ... is this just for beginners?

  • Casino Your Way is open to everyone who is looking to learn how to play. Whether it’s your first time, or you’re looking to learn the nuances of a particular game, Casino Your Way has you and your friends covered.

After we learn to play, will we be able to have access to a live table?

  • Absolutely! Simply let your dealer know that you want to apply your new knowledge and they’ll find a live table for you and your friends!

What if the table game I want to play isn’t available?

  • If the table game you were hoping to reserve isn’t currently available contact us and we’ll look to add this game in the future.

How will I know my reservation is confirmed?

  • Once you’ve completed the reservation form, you will receive a confirmation email from Casino Your Way with all your reservation details. In this email you can also modify your reservation.

Will I be sent a reminder?

  • Yup! 24 hours before your reservation we’ll send you an email reminder. A member of the Casino Your Way team may also reach out prior to your reservation to ensure we have everything ready for you upon arrival.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • We require 24hrs cancellation notice. This allows us to re-open the time slot and gives us enough time to prepare for the group that fills this spot.

How do I cancel my reservations?

  • The “Cancel Reservation’ link can be found in the confirmation email you received upon booking.

How do I modify my reservation?

  • The “Modify Reservation” link can be found in the confirmation email you received upon booking.

Is there information on the table options so my friends and I can do a little research before reserving?

  • For sure! Information on all table game options is found here.

How do I save my reservation to my calendar?

  • The confirmation email has a ‘Save to Calendar’ option. Select the calendar type you use (e.g. Google Calendar) and the details will save to your calendar.

How do I share my reservation with my friends?

  • There are 2 ways: (1) you can forward the reservation confirmation to your friends and/or (2) Once you’ve saved the reservation to your calendar, you can invite your friends within the calendar itself.

What if I want to make the night with my friends extra special and add on dinner, for example?

  • If there are details you want us to be aware of such as food and beverage options, add this type of information in the ‘Do you have any questions about your upcoming  Casino Your Way experience?’ field in the My Reservation form.

Why is there a limited number of tables available?

  • Casino Your Way is currently a pilot, meaning we are testing the service to work out any kinks and uncover ways to make it even better before deciding about a full launch.

What is Encore Rewards?

  • Get $10 of free play when you join. Members have access to exclusive benefits including a free birthday gift, member-only contests, personalized offers and more!

What is the minimum and maximum group size?

  • Currently, Casino Your Way accommodates groups from 4 - 7 people.

What if we don’t stay the full hour?

  • No problem! Reservation slots are in 1 hour increments, but you’re not obligated to stay the entire time. In fact, you can take your new found knowledge to the live tables at any point during your reservation.

What if I have other questions?